Primary Contact: Joe Hegland, Kevin Ostrander

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Website: https://www.facebook.com/trivialdudes/

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We host fun and inviting Trivia nights or Music Bingo events around Northeast Iowa and beyond! For trivia, our topics range from pop culture to other academic areas. There is a little something for everyone. Beyond the questions we are also have visual aids and music to enhance the experience. You'll be entertained the whole time you play. With Music Bingo, it is all the fun of Bingo, but you your card is full of songs. We play a song and if it is on your card you mark it. Listen along to work your way to Bingo! Looking for a fundraising event for your group, or looking for a personal night of trivia for a party? Reach out and ask. We do private parties and have helped multiple group have a profitable and exciting fundraising event.

Manchester, IA, USA (Get Directions)