Manchester, Iowa
Good to Great
Moving from Good to Great

In 2008 a small group of Manchester residents led by local dentist and Manchester Enterprises President  Dr. Tim Cooper  decided that “Good” wasn’t enough for the 21st Century and, using Jim  Collins book Good to Great as a guide, starting moving Manchester from  Good to Great.

Using "Good is the Enemy of Great" which is the first sentence of Jim Collins' business best seller, Good to Great as a rallying
point, that group consisting of: Jack Klaus, Executive Director of the Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce; Donna Boss, Executive Director of Delaware County Economic Development; Tim Vick, City Manager of the City of Manchester; Lon Butikofer, Administrator of the Regional Medical Center and his assistant Mike Briggs; Bob Cue, Superintendent of the West Delaware Community School System and interested individuals Mitch Peyton and Toni Browning started a movement that continues today under the leadership of Manchester Enterprises new President Leo Monaghan.

One Stop

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